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Getting involved with Eunoia Rescue doesn't just involve fostering. There are many other ways that volunteers can help make our rescue operate smoothly and efficiently. 



Due to the nature of our rescue being foster based, many of our dogs spend most of their days in their foster homes. Our Pampered Pup Day Program allows dogs to go on fun adventures with new people. We ask that you find a time where you can dedicate 4-6 hours of your day with our pups, taking them around the town on a new, exciting adventure.  


This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for people who want to get involved and spend time with our dogs, but can't have them in their home. This is crucial for our pups, because they get to have one-on-one time out in the community - this works with socialization, public manners, and even helps get them adopted. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please e-mail



With 50-80 dogs in our rescue, we are in constant rotation of taking our dogs to medical appointments. Some of these appointments are scheduled in the Charleston, South Carolina area, but others are scheduled at our primary veterinary clinic, Paws & Claws in Columbia, South Carolina. This is the perfect volunteer activity for someone who is retired, self employed or has a flexible work schedule. Miles can be tax deductible! If you are interested in becoming a transport volunteer, please e-mail

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