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Adoption Events and Fundraising Events are a huge part of the success in our rescue efforts. Due to the nature of being a foster based rescue, adoption events are crucial in the adoption process of our adult dogs and puppies. 

We are always in need of extra hands -- to help transport our dogs from their foster homes to the event, to help chaperone a dog while at the event or even working the tent by selling merchandise & helping answer questions from potential adopters.


If you have a free day and want to come out to one of our events that you see on our website or social media platforms, reach out to see if we need assistance! Keep connected with the most recent information regarding events by following us on our Facebook & Instagram and checking the home page for more event news! 


If your business would like to get involved with a non-profit organization here in Charleston, South Carolina, we would be thrilled to partner with you! We do not receive  government funding, so we are 100% dependent upon adoption fees and donations. 

Whether your business wants to sponsor an available dog for an ad in a local publication, or sponsor a dogs medical costs, please reach out so we can discuss things further. 

If your business is interested in hosting an a fundraiser or an adoption event, please e-mail Avery at so we can discuss more details! 

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