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Eunoia Rescue is blessed to get to work with like-minded individuals and companies who also share a love for dogs, specifically rescue dogs. Through our years of rescue, we've come to learn that our community is full of businesses that show up for our rescue repeatedly. Take a look at our recommendations for places to check out to enhance your dog/human relationship! Click the photos below to check out their websites, and be sure to tell them we sent you!

Dog trainers

In rescue, we've had our fair share of challenging dogs. However, we believe every dog/human relationship can be positively impacted by professional training. It allows for better communication, and a stronger bond! We recommend:

Canine revolution:

Chad and his team at Canine Revolution really top notch! They offer board and train programs, covering basic obedience all the way up to correcting extreme behavioral issues. 

We have sent many dogs to Canine Revolution to get them in a position to be adoptable, which changed all of those pups lives for the better! He gives us a significant discount, which makes it possible for us to continuously help the pups that need it! 

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Alicia with Activate Canine Dog Training has quickly become an integral part of our team. She often takes dogs from us that have nowhere else to land.

Using a balanced, rewards-based training system, they have over a decade of combined experience getting pups to engage their best behaviors. From basic obedience to behavioral modifications, to training their human clients how to be the most consistent, 5-star companions, they’re here to set up you and your dog with all the tools to activate your best life ever.


Au Pair for paws:

Meagan is the owner of Au Pair for Paws and is amazing!! She is the premiere, in-home, private lesson, trainer in Charleston!  

We have worked with Au Pair for Paws for years and she has really helped us with some dogs with challenging behavioral needs. Plus, she's always helped us completely pro-bono, which we will always be so grateful of! We couldn't recommend her enough!

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Unfortunately in rescue, we see a lot of dogs come in in pretty rough shape. Whether it be matted or missing fur, or just a generally filthy pup, grooming is very important-- especially for dogs with longer coats! We recommend:

Barks n bubbles:

Sarah and her team at Barks n Bubbles are the only people we trust with our babies! They always go above and beyond to work us in, knowing that a dog is in dire need of feeling better! 

Most times, dogs in rescue have not had a quality grooming in their lives, so they are pretty timid, and sometimes even aggressive when on the grooming table. Sarah and her crew always take a patient, gentle approach, and our dogs always leave looking and feeling their best! Finally, her generosity is unmatched, Sarah has never once charged us, but we would pay a pretty penny for her services! 10/10 recommend!

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